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Top 5 ways to clean with vinegar
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Organic Housekeepers, cleaning with a conscience, saving the earth one tub at a time.

Why clean green?

Improves indoor air quality
EPA research states that the air inside our home is typically two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Cleaning agents are the biggest contributor to indoor air pollution. Using green cleaning products is one of the easiest ways to clean up the air in your home.

Carcinogen free
Many popular, conventional cleaning products —like all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing liquids and furniture polish — contain known and suspected cancer causing agents, or carcinogens. All of our products are free of Volatile Organic Compounds and suspected carcinogens.

Water safe, fish approved
Toxic chemicals that are flushed down the drain eventually end up in our streams, rivers and oceans, polluting our drinking water and killing the wildlife. You may not want to, but you could drink Organic Housekeepers’ cleaning products.

Healthier for our employees
Cleaners who are exposed to harsh chemicals end up having big health problems.

Disinfects without causing the super-bug
Vegetable-based soap kills germs just as effectively as anti-bacterial soap. But our soap disinfects without breeding the super-bug bacteria.

It works
Green cleaners are just as effective as toxic chemicals to make homes sparkle and smell fresh.

Green cleaning products really do work
Organic Housekeepers has spent the last several years experimenting with green cleaning products to determine what green products work and what green products don’t work.

All of our products are organic, natural or non-toxic. All of our products are vegetable-based and biodegradable. They do not contain petroleum-based ingredients or toxic synthetic chemicals. The commercial-grade cleansers we use in office buildings are all Green Sealed certified.

The idea that you need seven different cleaning products to clean a home is just marketing. Organic Housekeepers has streamlined its system of green products to help our staff clean more efficiently.

Organic Housekeepers loves to clean with vinegarWe heart vinegar
Our favorite natural cleaning product is one of the oldest – vinegar. We use vinegar to dust, clean glass and to polish fixtures. Vinegar kills 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold and 80 percent of germs (viruses), according to Annie Bond, author of "Clean and Green." Unlike bleach, vinegar kills the nasties without creating the super-bug. So we use vinegar on just about everything – except natural stone. Its acidic qualities can etch materials like granite.


How we disinfect
Besides vinegar, which kills 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold and 80 percent of germs (viruses), we use a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner that kills 100 percent of bacteria and germs, just as much as Clorox bleach but without the harmful side effects of bleach.

Just say no to spongesOrganic Housekeepers uses the sponge alternative
Sponges are dirty. The average sponge contains millions of bacteria because it stays damp from the moment it’s put into service until it’s retired. When you use a sponge to clean, it just spreads the bacteria all around the kitchen and house. Organic Housekeepers is in the business of being clean. So we have a “Just Say No to Sponges” company policy. Instead, we use the sponge alternative.

Preventing cross contamination
It doesn’t matter which green cleaning products you use if you’re not working to avoid the cross contamination of bacteria. Organic Housekeepers practices the following cleaning methods to prevent the spread of bacteria:

We never take the Kitchen Caddy into the bathroom or the Bathroom Caddy in to the kitchen.

We wear rubber gloves.

We use a different mop head for each house and commercial building. We wash mop heads and buckets after every use.

We do not use sponges.

We use a disinfectant, like vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, on high-traffic surfaces, and let the product sit for a few minutes to make sure it has enough time to fight the bacteria.

Organic Housekeepers uses Miele vacuums to clean.Vacuuming – the cornerstone of cleaning
Organic Housekeepers believes vacuuming is the cornerstone of a good clean job. Captain Vacuum’s hands will only use a Miele. Made in Germany, it is the Mercedes Benz of vacuums. It's powerful and moves around tight spots with ease. Pair a Miele with a HEPA filter and you have one powerful cleaning machine. HEPA filters trap small pollutants, allergens, dust and other particles. So it actually cleans the air while your vacuuming. People with allergies or weak immune systems will greatly benefit from using a Miele outfitted with a HEPA filter.


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