Organic Housekeepers, cleaning with a conscience, saving the earth one tub at a time.Captain Vacuum, he sucks

Captain Vacuum and his sidekick Wonder Duster.

Meet Captain Vacuum — he sucks
Organic Housekeepers started with one man and his crusade to clean up the world

It's an understatement to say owner and operator Tim Szurgot knows how to clean. His cleaning prowess reaches far beyond mere skill — it's about passion. It's about setting his cross-hairs on grime and destroying it.

Tim's cleaning roots run deep — he was born into a tidy family. His father, The Duke of Disinfectant, baptized him in Murphy's Oil. His grandmother rules her life by the motto "a place for everything, and everything in its place." And lucky for Tim, he has inherited that coveted cleaning gene.

When Tim was 8 years old, his mother put a vacuum in one hand and a dollar bill in the other and told him to clean the living room. To make it even more glamorous, she dubbed him “Captain Vacuum,” and the superhero of cleanliness has scrubbed, mopped and rinsed ever since.

In 2005, Tim parlayed his self-proclaimed anal retentiveness into Organic Housekeepers, a cleaning company that uses only nontoxic, natural and organic cleansers. He uses products without petroleum- and synthetic-based chemicals — because equal to his love of all things spotless — is Tim's passion for protecting the environment. Using natural cleaning agents is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do just that.

But choosing ethical scrubs and soaps goes beyond saving the planet. It's also about creating a healthy home environment for him and his wife, Cassie, along with all their clients and employees. Toxic products, like wood polish, oven cleaners, bleach and ammonia, are known carcinogens. The EPA rates cleaning agents as one of the biggest contributors to indoor air pollution.

Organic Housekeepers has grown quite a bit since its inception. Tim accredits this to quality employees. Tim hires legal and reliable employees. "Anyone cleaning your house, would clean my house," he says.

All of Organic Housekeepers’ employees go through our detailed training program, so they too share in Tim’s high standards of cleanliness and eye for detail. And Organic Housekeepers’ training program is ongoing. We are constantly improving the skills of our housekeepers, teaching them efficiency and to work smarter, not harder.

Tim and Cassie consider themselves stewards of the earth. They recycle, own a fuel-efficient car (when not riding their bikes everywhere), they buy locally grown and organic food and are avid yogis. They live in accordance to Gandhi's famous saying: "Make the change you wish to see in the world."

When you hire Organic Housekeepers, not only can you brag to your friends that you have a "green" cleaner — a concept that is very much en vogue these days — but you can also trumpet that your home is cleaned by the only superhero in the business.

Captain Vacuum to the rescue.


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