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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you clean?
Our service area is between East Vail and Edwards in Eagle County, Colorado. However, we do take larger jobs outside of our service area, but it’s at our discretion.

Check out our Services page for more information.

How much do you charge?
We charge $34 per person, per hour for residential cleans. We offer fixed rates for contractual jobs, multi-unit residences and commercial jobs.

How many housekeepers do you send?
It depends on the size of the home, but we usually work in teams of three, and a salaried supervisor accompanies every team.

How will you get into my home?
Prior to the first cleaning, we will work out access to your home. You can give us a key, an alarm code, or a garage code, or if you prefer, you can leave the residence unlocked. Our cleaners are trained to always secure the home before leaving. We make the security of your home our utmost priority and never share information with anyone who does not directly need to know.

Do I need to be home when you are there?
No, you do not need to be at home when our cleaners are working. If you prefer to be home, this is OK, too, we will just work around you. However, it is more afficient if we do not have to work around anyone.

What do I do with my dogs when the housekeepers are coming?
We ask that you secure your dogs to one area of the home or outside while our cleaners are working. If your dog is aggressive, it MUST be secured while we are in your home.

Do you wash my sheets on property?
We prefer to wash linens off site because it’s more efficient and cost effective. Organic Housekeepers and our clients do not want to pay a cleaner to stand around and wait for the towels to dry.

Check out our Vacation Rental Laundry Services page or our Laundry page for more information.

Do you do daily services, like at a hotel?
Yes. We do daily, mid-stay (includes sheet change) and departure cleans for many multi-unit residences. We also offer turn-down services.

Check out our Services page for more information.

How do you prevent cross contamination?
Organic Housekeepers practices the following cleaning methods to prevent the spread of bacteria:

We never take the Kitchen Caddy into the bathroom or the Bathroom Caddy in to the kitchen.

We wear rubber gloves.

We use a different mop head for each house and commercial building. We wash mop heads and buckets after every use.

We do not use sponges.

We use a disinfectant, like vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, on high-traffic surfaces, and let the product sit for a few minutes to make sure it has enough time to fight the bacteria.

Check out our Products and Supplies page for more information.

What products do you use?
All of our products are organic, natural or non-toxic. All of our products are vegetable-based and biodegradable. They do not contain petroleum-based ingredients or toxic synthetic chemicals. The commercial-grade cleansers we use in office buildings are all Green Sealed certified.

Check out our Products and Supplies page for more information.

How do you disinfect?
Besides vinegar, which kills 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold and 80 percent of germs (viruses), we use a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner that kills 100 percent of bacteria and germs, just as much as Clorox bleach but without the harmful side effects of bleach.

Check out our Products and Supplies page for more information.

Do you bring your own supplies?
Yes, we bring with us everything to make your home sparkle.

Will you use my cleaning products?
Part of the reason Organic Housekeepers chooses to use green cleaning products is for the health of our employees. Cleaners who are exposed to harsh chemicals for a long period of time end up having big health problems. So we will do all that we can to convince you our products are better, but if it comes down to losing your business we will try and reach a compromise.

Why don’t you use sponges?
Sponges are dirty. The average sponge contains millions of bacteria because it stays damp from the moment it’s put into service until it’s retired. When you use a sponge to clean, it just spreads the bacteria all around the kitchen and house. Organic Housekeepers is in the business of being clean. So we have a “Just Say No to Sponges” company policy. Instead, we use the sponge alternative.

What’s so bad about chlorine bleach?
Many household cleaners contain chlorine, though it’s sometimes listed as its aliases “sodium hypochlorite” or “hypochlorite.” Breathing in the fumes of cleaners containing a high concentration of chlorine can irritate the lungs. Chlorine is also a highly corrosive substance, capable of damaging skin, eyes, and other membranes. Chlorine was listed as a hazardous air pollutant in the 1990 Clean Air Act, and exposure to chlorine in the workplace is regulated by federal standards.

Dioxin, a chemical by-product of the manufacturing of chlorine-bleached paper, is believed to be the single most carcinogenic chemical known to science.

Read more about why we choose chlorine free paper products.

Cancer-causing dioxin residue from chlorine-bleaching may be found in products like coffee filters, disposable diapers, paper towels, and bathroom tissue.

Dioxin has been linked to endometriosis, immune system impairment, diabetes, neurotoxicity, birth defects (including fetal death), decreased fertility, testicular atrophy, and reproductive dysfunction in both women and men.

Does that answer your question?

What kind of vacuum do you recommend?
Organic Housekeepers believes vacuuming is the cornerstone of a good clean job. Captain Vacuum’s hands will only use a Miele. Made in Germany, it is the Mercedes Benz of vacuums. It's powerful and moves around tight spots with ease. Pair a Miele with a HEPA filter and you have one powerful cleaning machine. HEPA filters trap small pollutants, allergens, dust and other particles. So it actually cleans the air while your vacuuming. People with allergies or weak immune systems will greatly benefit from using a Miele outfitted with a HEPA filter.

Are your employees legal?
Yes. We only hire legal housekeepers with valid I-9 documents.

Do you background check your employees?
Yes. Everyone who works for us goes through a background check.


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