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Owner Cassie Pence gives people ordinary ideas to live an extraordinary green life in her Vail Daily column Greener Pastures.

Increase your green vocabulary with Organic Housekeepers Eco LexiconEco Lexicon
Increase your green vocabulary with Organic Housekeepers Eco Lexicon.

Green events
Here are Organic Housekeepers' favorite green events.

Organic Housekeepers, cleaning with a conscience, saving the earth one tub at a time.Organic Housekeepers spreads the green culture through its services

Responsible partnerships
As a green business, Organic Housekeepers has partnered with local and national non-profits that help make us an even more responsible green cleaning company.

Cleaning for a Reason
Organic Housekeepers has partnered with Cleaning for Reason, a non-profit that offers free professional housecleaning and maid services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer — any type of cancer. If you know anyone that would benefit from Cleaning for a Reason, please contact owner Cassie Pence.

Green Business Partner
Organic Housekeepers is a proud member of the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability's Green Business Partners program. The program features specific Alliance member businesses with a green story to tell. These Partners offer once-a-year deals to other Alliance members to create the learning opportunity and, hopefully, create a new and lasting customer.

Clean the World
Organic Housekeepers partners with Clean the World to recycle soap and save lives. Clean the World collects, sorts and sanitizes discarded soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion amenities donated from participating hospitality partners, like us. Then, Clean the World recycles the amenities (yes, recycles soap) and delivers the hygiene products to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished countries suffering from high death rates due to acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease.

Organic Housekeepers spreads green culture

“Organic Housekeepers is more than a cleaning company, we are cleaning with a conscience, saving the earth one tub at a time.”
— Tim Szurgot, owner and operator

Organic Housekeepers’ tagline says a lot about our company’s mission and values — because we are more than just a cleaning company. A lot of businesses are now scrambling to adopt environmental practices because clients and the world are demanding it. But we have always been a sustainable business.

We believe so strongly in the benefits of green cleaning and living a sustainable lifestyle that we train our employees not only how to clean using green products, but we train them why it’s important, why it’s healthier and why it’s better for the environment.

Through our employee training, our business practices and our client services (like stocking recycled toilet paper), Organic Housekeepers is helping to change a culture of people to think and act more sustainably.

Organic Housekeepers spreads the culture of sustainable living on many fronts, both through education and “walking the talk.” In other words, Organic Housekeepers leads by example.

Learn more about how we're walking the talk:

Green business practices
Organic Housekeepers takes running a green business beyond the cleaning products. We incorporate sustainability into everything we do, from printing on both sides of a piece paper to strategic routing to minimizing drive time.

The OH Green Team
We are constantly thinking about cool things to do to improve the environmental sustainability of Organic Housekeepers (and the world), so we formed an OH Green Team.





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